Year in Review, 2017 / by Meg Saligman

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MLS Studio was quite ambitious this year. Perhaps due to the devastation of sending yet another child to college, Meg has thrown herself into her work- and her team has been at the ready as we strived for bigger and better as usual.

Here are some highlights we’ve been up to this past year (in no particular order):

The South Wall of  Rippling Moon: An Urban Fairytale

The South Wall of Rippling Moon: An Urban Fairytale

Rippling Moon: An Urban Fairytale

After many obstacles, Urban Fairytale was completed in December. Looking back, one of the project’s lead artists, Sofia Seidel said, “my body’s never been colder but my heart's never been warmer.” Look out for this two-part masterwork driving down N Delaware Ave, across from Sugarhouse Casino, or from I-95.

Back Door

On her first day, our studio manager finally got the lock on the back door fixed, which was previously kept closed through a complicated system of tightly-knotted ropes. Now being in the studio is no longer a fire hazard and you can visit without fear of immolation!

Knotted Shelter  installed at the Ruth Williams House on Broad Street

Knotted Shelter installed at the Ruth Williams House on Broad Street

Knotted Shelter

A continuation of the Knotted Grotto from 2015, 60,000 prayers found their new home this year as part of the Knotted Shelter installation at the Ruth Williams House by Project HOME. Also this year, MLS Studio’s facility manager Brian Kane got to move in.

The meaningful story behind the knots has sparked thoughtful and inspiring discussion across audiences including a story sharing event where Project HOME residents shared their testimonies surrounding faith, prayer, home and salvation.


Moving Day

Meg and her family finally made the move from their home in the ‘burbs to the big city. The studio inherited many Saligman treasures including two new couches, a thousand of these tiny masks and a mixed-media sculpture centered around an ambiguously-aged baby.

Megamural cover v4.jpg


The studio produced its first coloring book this year. In collaboration with studio artists and animator-extraordinaire Alex Derwick, this book features some of the studio’s most iconic works in full composition, intricate details and mandala form! Books are still for sale through our website or Amazon.

Keurig Upgrade

Inspired by the bountiful break room spread at Children’s Crisis Treatment Center, Meg decided that we needed to halt all projects in order to upgrade our Keurig selection. We now offer a variety of K-Cups including coffee (dark roast, medium roast, decaf, vanilla cream puff, pumpkin spice and iced), tea, apple cider and hot chocolate. Don’t even get us started on the creamer situation….


Gila Bend

This year studio members took two trips down to Gila Bend, AZ for research on a potential project with the community.


Fertile Ground Restoration

In July studio artists packed their bags and headed back to Omaha, Nebraska for the restoration of Fertile Ground. This 35,000 square foot mural shines bright once again- reminding residents of their strong roots, much like the Omaha prairie grass.

2017-10-04 11.42.50.jpg

Kate’s Place Windows

Just one of many Meg Saligman x Project HOME collaborations, these stained glass windows can be found in the chapel and library of 1929 Sansom Street (aka Kate’s Place). If you’re in the neighborhood, just look above the Capogiro on the corner.