Wishing Wall / by Meg Saligman

Things are coming together nicely.  The process began over 2 weeks ago in my studio.  First strands of hair are stenciled onto special sticky paper, exacto knifed, placed on glass and then baked to adhere permanently.

The glass is cut and fine-tuned…

Then baked to seal in the color….

Everything is pieced together to become leaded stained glass…

And then, the final product comes to light.   It is about acknowledging brokenness and transforming to a whole. If one of us is broken, all of us are broken.

The “Wishing Wall” will allow visitors to leave their hopes, prayers and intentions within its crevices.  This and other works created by my studio, will be viewed at the April 22nd grand opening of Project HOME’s new multi-use building featuring 55 residences for the formerly homeless and low-income families.  The wonderful work of Project HOME continues at the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Homes, 1415 Fairmount Avenue.  Rock on!

~ Meg