Perspective and Perception... / by Meg Saligman

My studio, and the artists who are affiliated with it, have just joined Instagram. Do you join Instagram? I could say I am a user, but in my mind, the word “user” refers to a drug abuser and “hash- anything” is an illegal substance. Well, anyway, you will find us on Instagram by seeking out our username:  megamural.  Follow the squad as we explore and discuss our world through art that is out and about. We aim to inspire and delight.

Also from MLS Studios:  This is the last week to view my work “Perspective and Perception,” integral to the exhibition “Beyond the Paint:  Philadelphia’s Mural Arts” at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts Museum. The show will close this Sunday, April 6th at 5pm.

Creating my work inside the museum has been an honor and a unique experience. The work has evolved with the help of those working and learning at PAFA and those visiting the museum. Incorporated into “Perspective and Perception” are“lifelines” from Philadelphians.  Art can create a window into a moment, a mood, or even a life.  Last year I started a studio “lifelines project.” I ask people to visualize their lives as a line. This expression of the non-visual as art resulted in many mazes, full of the twisting turns and sharp edges of complication and struggle. Below you will find two samples of lifelines within “Perspective and Perception,” from artists who chose to represent their lives as in one continuous line.

Eric Bazilian, the successful lead singer and founder of The Hooters, showed his life as a continuous, winding loop.

Another artist, Thomas Schlick, also used a continuous line; however, his was jagged and far less free. Schlick is in prison, serving a life sentence.

These lines and hundreds of others that might not otherwise connect, are brought together. Lifelines are painted on walls and the floor.

Visitors to the museum add their lifelines to a glass tabletop.  Lifelines are blasted into glass and hung as individual pieces, casting shadows on the wall behind. Individual voices turn into a collective voice, a practice so very often at the heart of my public work.

Come see the evolution…come see the lifelines…before they ascend into the art-mosphere.  Or, join me for a trolley tour on closing day, Sunday, April 6th.  We will begin and end at PAFA, 118 N. Broad St., Philadelphia.  While I gab, we will wind our way past my murals and other artists’ work, stop at my studio – lots to show and tell there – and end at PAFA where you can see my work and take in the rest of the show.  A link to tickets for the tour can be found by clicking here: Trolley Tour with Meg.

~ Meg